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 Kaavo IMOD Reviews and Feedback 



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"As a small startup with a large vision, we are just now implementing our first cloud application and we lack the system administration processes, resources, and skills to manage our deployment with high confidence.   We turned to Kaavo and IMOD to force that discipline upon ourselves, and their team has been more than helpful getting us up and running."

- Ken Coleman, President, C8 Sciences



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"Kaavo’s service and IMOD is of great help to our research group at Bose Institute, Kolkata. We are analyzing next generation sequencing data using Kaavo’s cloud computing service. This service has greatly helped us to manage and analyze huge amount of biological high throughput data and mining a relevant information out of it. In one word, Kaavo’s service has provided us an easy solution for such high end computation needed for biological research at our finger tips. It has also relieved us from the additional burden to build and maintain such infrastructural facilities needed for high end computation."

- Dr. Zhumur Ghosh , Principal Investigator Bose Institute




"We have begun to deploy and manage our own mission-critical applications (CapCal, Cloud Lab and Browser Lab) on Kaavo and it solves a whole bunch of issues for us while opening up some amazing new possibilities. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, I just didn't expect it to be so awesome."

- Randy Hayes, Founder and CTO, Grid Robotics

Watch this video to learn how Grid Robotics and Kaavo work together to simplify cloud testing



“At Sellpoint we use Kaavo’s IMOD application for managing our complex mission critical infrastructure. IMOD makes it easy for us to manage and support our cloud infrastructure."

- Sudhir Kulkarni, CTO and VP Engineering, SellPoint

Watch this video to learn how SellPoint is using Kaavo for managing a complex mission-critical application that handles over 4 million hits per day


Gartner Selected Kaavo as Cool Vendor in Cloud Management

Read the press release here

Click here to download the full report


“Kaavo's user interface is well laid out and easy to navigate. It is impossible to get lost with Kaavo, and it's easy to figure out where in the UI you need to go to perform a particular task”...

"Kaavo's bundling of an application's descriptive and executable information into a single System Definition file unclutters application management, and allows for easy transfer of an application from one installation to another."

- Rick Grehan, InfoWorld

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"One great feature in IMOD is its multi-cloud, single system tool. For instance, you can create a database backend in Rackspace while putting your presentation servers on Amazon."

- Joseph Foran, TechTarget

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"...there is a burgeoning market for on-ramps and tools that abstract complexity. The successful will evolve to provide multi-cloud service management and support 'best execution environments.' Beyond acting as gateways to basic per-user, per-CPU/VM, subscription or ad-sponsored models, users will require IT security, data management, integration and service aggregation, which is where Kaavo is heading."

- William Fellows, The 451 Group

Click here to download the full report


 Cloud Computing

Kaavo is a pioneer in application centric management for cloud computing and Rackspace users will benefit from their ability to simplify the deployment and management of complex custom applications in the cloud.”

- Emil Sayegh, General Manager, The Rackspace Cloud


"We are excited to have Kaavo as a cloud computing partner. This partnership will significantly reduce costs and time-to-market, increase IT operational efficiency and provide greater transparency of IT costs for our customers."

- Lalit Dhingra, President, NIIT Technologies Inc.

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“We are pleased to have Kaavo release the IMOD edition for the IBM Cloud. Kaavo is a leader in application centric management for cloud computing and through IMOD, customers can now easily and rapidly develop, test and manage workloads in the IBM Cloud.

- Walter Falk, Business Development Executive, IBM

Read how Kaavo supports the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise


Featured solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS), June 2008


"Kaavo's management team speaks your language and feels your pain."

- John Foley, InformationWeek

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"15 Cloud Computing Companies to Watch"

- Beth Schultz, Network World

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"7 Hot New Cloud Computing Offerings To Check Out Now"

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