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Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform Integration


Managed service providers have recognized the revenue potential of cloud computing, and are feverishly working on constructing cloud-based services for alternate revenue streams. Kaavo’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform Integration service provides development and testing resources to extend Kaavo IMOD and provide the ability to deploy applications within your own IaaS offering. The end result is an ability to allow your potential clients to migrate and deploy their applications in your cloud, and enables you to recognize revenue from your managed cloud services.

Kaavo Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform Integration Service

Delivery Methodology

Kaavo will work with your designated team to accomplish the following:

  • Work with your team to set up and validate connectivity to your IaaS sandbox environment

  • Understand the IaaS API set exposed

  • Develop integration between Kaavo IMOD and your IaaS offering

  • Certification testing of Kaavo IMOD with your IaaS offering

  • Integration maintenance up to 3 years (longer terms require additional pricing)

  • White-box capabilities within IMOD for your business


  • Kaavo will enable selection of your IaaS offering from within IMOD

  • Kaavo will enable deployment and run-time management of applications on top of your IaaS offering


  • Integration enables migration and deployment of applications from on-premise installations or other IaaS cloud providers to your IaaS offering

  • Exposure to Kaavo’s expansive customer channels for new revenue streams


4-6 weeks


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