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Cloud Migration and Optimization


You have identified the applications that would benefit from running in the cloud. But how do you get started, and how do you do it? Grid Robotics and Kaavo have combined their capabilities and knowledge into a comprehensive service offering to assist companies who are planning to deploy applications in the cloud. The Cloud Migration and Optimization service implements Grid Robotics CapCal Web Performance Testing with Kaavo IMOD to enable deployment of your target applications, in whole or part, to the cloud while meeting your performance requirements. This includes working with your team to:

  • Identify the best Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider(s) for your environment

  • Develop the empirical data that allows your organization to select the appropriate VMs, storage options, pricing models and other valuable information required to deploy your target applications within the cloud with confidence and at the lowest possible cost

  • Capture deployment and run-time management best practices for your target applications within IMOD, and allow you to deploy them all with a single click

  • Implement continuous performance monitoring to ensure that your applications perform to your expectations

Kaavo Cloud Migration and Optimization Service

Delivery Methodology

Grid Robotics and Kaavo will work with your designated team to accomplish the following:

  • Understand your organization’s target cloud applications, including your business goals for them (such as specific disaster recovery capabilities, or a certain quality of service)

  • Understand the IT infrastructure currently in place for legacy applications moving to the cloud (hardware, software, users, cloud-based services currently in use, etc.)

  • Architectural review of target non-legacy applications

  • Assistance with configuring IMOD for the target applications and with using IMOD to deploy or migrate target applications to the cloud, in whole or part

  • Record the mission-critical transactions within target applications

  • Run a load test in existing QA environments to determine a good statistical baseline of user response times for target applications

  • Duplicate baseline server configuration in the cloud, run the same load test and compare results with on-premise version of target applications

  • You are now ready for optimization and auto-scaling to truly take advantage of the cloud's elasticity features


  • A document capturing the target applications and their current state (including current business goals and timelines, and their IT infrastructure details), including an architectural review of those applications as appropriate

  • An instance of Kaavo IMOD implemented for your business, and configured for your target applications

  • A set of CapCal reports highlighting before and after performance and scalability improvements


  • Take advantage of Kaavo’s IMOD software, cloud computing and enterprise architecture expertise, either independently or through its partners, to deploy or migrate your target applications to the cloud

  • Thoroughly test your applications in both on-premise and cloud configurations with CapCal, using realistic load scenarios and the unlimited capacity of the cloud

  • Demonstrable reduction in cost/time/effort to deploy your target applications

  • The cloud delivers on the promise of elastic on-demand resources without sacrificing performance or security, for your applications and business


1-5 days per standard application; complex applications may take longer. Grid Robotics and Kaavo will provide firm estimates after reviewing the detailed requirements associated with each target application.

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