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Cloud Adoption Strategy


Cloud computing continues to perplex many organizations, but stands to offer tremendous business benefits if adopted in a planned way. Kaavo’s Cloud Adoption Strategy service aims to dispel the myths associated with cloud computing by working with you to understand your business and clearly identify how you can adopt the cloud. The end result is a tailored cloud adoption plan through which your business can obtain measurable benefits. This includes understanding your current business goals and the IT infrastructure currently in place to support those goals, identifying applications which are the best candidates for the cloud, and constructing a roadmap to incrementally allow you to adopt cloud computing with measurable results.

Kaavo Cloud Adoption Strategy Service

Delivery Methodology

Kaavo will work independently or with its partners to deliver this service, and work with your designated team to accomplish the following:

  • Understand your organization’s goals over the next 1-3 years

  • Understand the applications which are critical for achieving the identified goals, and the IT infrastructure currently in place for legacy applications (hardware, software, users, cloud-based services currently in use, etc.)

  • Training on cloud computing methodology and best practices

  • Identification of a short list of applications that can take advantage of the cloud and increase the likelihood of business success

  • A cloud adoption roadmap that incrementally allows you to adopt the cloud for the target applications, in whole or part, through use of public/private/hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms


  • A document capturing your current state (including current business goals and timelines, dependent applications/services, and their IT infrastructure details)

  • A cloud readiness assessment document, identifying applications that can be deployed/migrated to the cloud with detailed analysis

  • A cloud adoption strategy and roadmap, outlining the incremental steps to deploy or migrate the target applications, in whole or part, to cloud-based infrastructures


  • Use of Kaavo’s cloud computing and enterprise architecture expertise, either independently or through its partners, to align use of the cloud to your specific business

  • A clear understanding of how cloud computing can specifically benefit your business

  • An incremental plan for you to adopt the cloud that is aligned to your business goals, with measurable results


3-6 weeks


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