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Cloud Management Services

Kaavo's portfolio of services helps you to better understand cloud computing, align it to your own IT landscape and business goals, and adopt the cloud with measurable results. Our hybrid onshore/offshore model provides you with a cost advantage without compromising quality. Contact us today and get started in the cloud!

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Kaavo's Cloud Adoption Strategy service enables you to clearly understand cloud computing in the context of your own applications and business. By spending the time to understand your business goals and the applications that support their achievement, Kaavo will help you identify those applications which will benefit most from the cloud computing model. A cloud adoption roadmap will enable you to incrementally adopt the cloud, aligned to your business goals with measurable results.

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Cloud Migration and Optimization

The Cloud Migration and Optimization service, delivered by Grid Robotics and Kaavo,  helps you implement your cloud strategy through the most important aspect of your business: your applications and services. Grid Robotics and Kaavo will help you assess the applications you have selected to deploy in the clouds. Kaavo will help you configure IMOD, the market leader in application-centric cloud automation, for your business and applications by capturing your deployment and run-time management best practices. You will be able to deploy your target applications with a single click. Grid Robotics will help you ensure that the performance goals of your applications do not change when deployed in the cloud.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform Integration

Kaavo's IaaS Platform Integration service extends Kaavo IMOD to support your own IaaS offering. Your customers will be able to leverage IMOD to easily deploy applications in your cloud. IMOD enables you or your customers to migrate application deployments from on-premise installations or competitive IaaS providers, and allows you to recognize revenue from your other managed cloud services while reducing your own operational costs. You will also gain exposure to Kaavo's expansive customer channels for new revenue streams.

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