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Cloud Management Products and Technology

Traditional tools designed for managing applications that run on top of physical resources cannot handle the scale and complexity of application lifecycle management in the clouds. Kaavo believes that this should not be a barrier for cloud adoption, as leveraging cloud economics is critical for many IT organizations.

To overcome this barrier, Kaavo’s IMOD uses patented technology to uniquely deliver Application-Centric Management of virtual resources in the clouds for any application / workload.  Watch product demo

Typical Cloud Management Use Cases

  • Single-Click deployment of complex multi-tier applications in the cloud (Development, QA, Production)
  • Auto-scaling: handle demand bursts/variations by automatically adding/removing resources
  • Run-time management of application infrastructure in the cloud
  • Encryption of persisted data in the cloud
  • Automation of workflows to handle run-time production exceptions without human intervention
  • Application / Workload disaster recovery in the cloud within minutes

Supported Clouds / IaaS APIs

  • Amazon EC2
  • CloudStack
  • Eucalyptus
  • HP
  • IBM (Deprecated)
  • Logicworks
  • OpenStack
  • RackSpace
  • Terremark
  • vCloud Director

Cloud Management Technology Highlights

  • Core technology is the engine which uses state machines with events-to-actions mappings for each application
  • All information for application deployment and run-time management is captured in a single System Definition file for transparency and ease of use; and this allows for easy transfer of an entire application from one installation to another
  • Cross platform (OS) support for dynamically creating and executing code in any programming language in response to events. This provides unparallel flexibility and responsiveness for managing complex distributed systems
  • Technology supports deployment of an application across multiple clouds (public or private) and physical resources for robustness and optimal handling of demand elasticity

 Watch 5 minute high level technical overview video of IMOD Watch Technology Overview

Technical overview of Kaavo IMOD Application-Centric Cloud Management Software

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IMOD Fact Sheet

IMOD Release Notes

IMOD Quick Start User Guide

Key Cloud Management Features

  • A single click interface to host and run applications inside a cloud and ability to start, stop and deploy the applications in a multi-server setup.
  • Automate single server or complex multi-server system deployment by creating sophisticated custom workflows using Kaavo's dynamic system template technology.
  • Ability to reuse best practice deployments by publishing the solutions to catalog and sharing them with select or all users.
  • Ability to create and use encrypted disk volumes using AES-256 bit data encryption with a single click for securing data persisted in the clouds
  • Auto-scaling up and down based on pre-defined custom triggers at the system and/or tier level
  • Auto-recovery of servers in the context of the application
  • Ability to schedule automatic execution of custom jobs and complex workflows to simplify on-going application maintenance and production support
  • Auto-pilot capability to configure execution of complex workflows to handle run-time production exceptions without human intervention
  • Application Centric infrastructure audit logs
  • Multi-Cloud UI Wizard for easy deployment across multiple clouds
  • Ability schedule automatic backups of EBS volumes
  • Application Centric metering for transparency on resources used by each deployed application
  • Easy to use UI for configuring your custom firewall rules on the virtual servers
  • SSH connectivity for securely connecting to the cloud infrastructure
  • SFTP for safely transferring data between your datacenter and cloud
  • Ability to monitor CPU, memory, I/O, disk space of the virtual servers
  • Ability to setup individual or group alerts to proactively manage application service levels
  • Ability to setup automatic data backups of disk volumes
  • Ability to define application infrastructure level custom exceptions and corresponding workflows to handle run-time production exceptions without human intervention

Checkout the quick start section on our wiki to start using IMOD.

Cloud Management Software

IMOD (SaaS): Delivered as SaaS, application itself is hosted in the cloud and is accessible at  It can be used for managing public clouds and private clouds.

IMOD Private Cloud Edition (On-Premise Deployment): Available only for very large customers priced based on CPUs managed. For small to mid-size private clouds or hybrid cloud management best option is to use the SaaS version of IMOD.

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