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IMOD Cloud Management Editions



Standard Edition


Enterprise Edition





Call for Pricing

Delivery Model




SaaS, On-Premise

Best Use

Small Deployments, Non-Production

Small Deployments, Production

Mid-size Deployments, Production or Non-Production

Enterprise Class Deployments, Production or Non-Production

Typical Customers

Individual Users

Small, Medium Businesses

Medium, Large Businesses

Enterprise, MSP Businesses

Special Promotions

·   Free 30-day Trial


·   20% Discount on Annual Payments

·   Free 30-day Trial


·   20% Discount on Annual Payments

·   Free 30-day Trial


·   20% Discount on Annual Payments

·   Free 30-day Trial


·   20% Discount on Annual Payments

Key Capabilities Included

·  Deploy 1 n-Tier Application / Environment (Max 4 Servers) *


·  Application-Centric Cloud Resource Management


·  Multi-Cloud Deployment


·  Application-Centric/Service Monitoring with Advanced Alerts


·    Pre-Configured System Definition Templates


·    Web-Based Wizard for Creating System Definitions


·    Import/Export and Cloning of Application Environments


·    Publish & Share Custom Best-Practice Deployments


·    User-Level Security


·    Secure Connectivity and Data Transfer


·    Application-Centric Audit Logs


·    Support for Unix, Linux (all flavors), Windows


·    1-User Limit


·    Standard Support

·  All Individual Edition Capabilities
·  Deploy up to 5 n-Tier Applications / Environments (Max 15 servers)*
·  Basic Run-Time Auto-Pilot

- Scale Up / Scale Down


-  Application-Specific Server Recovery


-  Automate Complex Actions in Response to Custom Events Across Servers or Application Tiers


-  Application-Specific Data Backups


·  Web Services API
·  10-User Limit
·  All Standard Edition Capabilities
·  Deploy up to 10 n-Tier Applications / Environments (Max 50 servers)*
·  Private and Hybrid Cloud Support

·  Encryption of Persisted Application Data


·  Assistance with Setup for One Application


·  User Management and Security Framework
·  Advanced Run-Time Auto-Pilot

-  Includes Basic Auto-Pilot Capabilities


-  Schedule Custom Jobs and Complex Workflows


·  10-User Limit

·  Premium Support

·    All Advanced Edition Capabilities


·  Deploy Unlimited Number of n-Tier Applications / Environments


·   Hybrid Deployments (Physical and Cloud)


·   On-Premise Deployment of IMOD within Private Cloud (if required)


·    Application-Centric Metering and Accounting


·    Unlimited Users


·    Premium Support

* Exceeding this limit will prompt Kaavo to contact you for an upgrade to the appropriate IMOD edition or pay for additional servers at $0.03 per managed server hour.

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