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Shahzad Pervez of Kaavo to Host Webinar Entitled, “Accelerate Your Use of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise with Kaavo”

WHAT: Kaavo to host webinar entitled, “Accelerate Your Use of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise with Kaavo”
DURATION: 1 hour
WHEN: Wednesday October 5, 2011 at 2:00 PM US Eastern Time

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Architects, Developers, Application Owners, and Technology Leaders interested in using the IBM Cloud

SPEAKER: Shahzad Pervez, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Engineering at Kaavo

Kaavo, an innovative provider of solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds, today announced that Shahzad Pervez, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Engineering, will be hosting a webinar entitled, “Accelerate Your Use of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise with Kaavo.” The webinar will take place on October 5th at 2pm EDT.

During the webinar, Mr. Pervez will discuss how Infrastructure-as-a-Service is becoming the standard platform for running PaaS, SaaS and custom applications. Mr. Pervez will address the importance of an application-centric approach to cloud deployment and management. The webinar will focus on the methodology for capturing the best practice deployment topology of an application; one that is standard across the proprietary interfaces surrounding today’s cloud providers. There will be a demonstration with the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.

Mr. Pervez has over 15 years of experience in software product development and IT as well as significant management expertise.  Prior to joining Kaavo, Mr. Pervez was the Director of Enterprise Architecture framework at a global financial corporation. Through open source technologies and best practices for full systems development lifecycle, he helped create a  Center of Excellence for Java and .NET to provide reference tools, guidance, training and consulting to all the relevant projects.

IMOD, a key offering from Kaavo, enables users to set-up and tear-down application-centric test, development and production environments within minutes across public, private, and hybrid clouds. IMOD simplifies the creation and sharing of complex configurations and n-tier deployments, to provide users a consistent environment for development, testing and production. In addition, using IMOD’s unique auto-pilot capability, customers can automate complex workflows to manage application service levels without manual intervention. Kaavo also offers services designed to align cloud use to an organization’s business and application strategy, and enable deployment / migration of applications in the clouds with enterprise performance.

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About Kaavo

Kaavo simplifies use of the clouds, one application at a time. Kaavo provides application-centric cloud management solutions to automate the deployment and management of complex applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Kaavo’s core product, IMOD, simplifies and streamlines the use of on-demand infrastructure to run secure and scalable applications. For more information, please visit .


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