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Kaavo Partners with Logicworks to Extend Enterprise Cloud Application Automation

Innovative cloud application management provider to integrate solutions with the infiniCloud™ platform

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kaavo, an innovative provider of solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Logicworks, a leading provider of enterprise managed hosting and cloud computing for high-availability applications and content. Through this partnership, Kaavo has integrated with infiniCloud, Logicworks’ on-demand cloud computing service, to allow Kaavo customers to deploy and manage applications on the platform.

Kaavo’s core offering, IMOD, is cloud management software that enables users to set-up and tear-down application-centric test, development and production environments within minutes across public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition, customers can automate complex workflows to manage application service levels without manual intervention.

Logicworks hosts mission-critical sites and applications for media, Software-as-a-Service, and ecommerce clients. Logicworks launched infiniCloud in 2010 to supplement its popular managed dedicated hosting and private cloud services. infiniCloud is a high-performance public cloud that allows customers to consume computing resources like processing, RAM, and enterprise storage on-demand. Logicworks offers managed services in conjunction with infiniCloud that include a 100% Service-Level-Agreement, personal account management, data backup and recovery, customizable monitoring, and database cluster management.

The collaboration between Kaavo and Logicworks aims to provide a turnkey solution for customers interested in running applications across cloud platforms, allowing for seamless integration of applications and simplifying cloud management.

“We are pleased to partner with Logicworks and bring Kaavo’s IMOD solution to its platform,” said Sam Somashekar, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Kaavo. “Logicworks is a leader in the industry and through this collaboration, we will expand our offerings for enterprises and continue to address the challenges they face when deploying and managing applications in the cloud.”

“The ability to manage IT resources across internal datacenters, private hosted servers, and the cloud is a key strategic benefit for our clients,” said Steve Zeller, Vice President of Sales at Logicworks. “We are excited about the partnership with Kaavo since it allows technology managers to easily integrate Logicworks’ services into their technology arsenal and dynamically control their applications through a single pane of glass.”

For those interested in application-centric deployment and management, Kaavo is offering a 30-day free trial of the IMOD software suite. Users that have purchased an infiniCloud account can enter their credentials into IMOD and immediately deploy their applications into the cloud.

About Kaavo

Kaavo simplifies use of the clouds, one application at a time. Kaavo provides application-centric cloud management solutions to automate the deployment and management of complex applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Kaavo’s core product, IMOD, simplifies and streamlines the use of on-demand infrastructure to run secure and scalable applications. For more information, please visit .

About Logicworks

Logicworks provides cloud computing and managed hosting to some of the world’s most popular websites and applications for clients including Dow Jones, Starwood Hotels, Major League Baseball, Radar Online, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Logicworks offers a range of solutions beginning with infiniCloud™, a pay-by-the-hour public cloud service. As client needs grow, Logicworks enables migration into private clouds, complex managed hosting, and enterprise solutions. For specialized industries including media, healthcare and finance, Logicworks provides custom solutions focused on content delivery, managed database services, and compliant hosting. Combining innovative approaches to technology with an 18-year track record in the hosting industry, Logicworks is the ideal partner for mission-critical online projects. For additional information, contact us today at or call 866-FOR-LOGIC.


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