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Kaavo Secures U.S. Patent for Application Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Stamford, CT, Sept 19, 2012 – Kaavo, an innovative provider of solutions for managing distributed cloud applications, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Kaavo a patent that covers lifecycle management of applications and workloads on public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Kaavo IMOD, an innovative solution for Cloud Management with thousands of users worldwide, leverages the technologies covered in this patent and other pending U.S. and international patent applications.  In the version of Kaavo IMOD released in early 2009, Kaavo introduced the System Definition File, a single XML file that captures the topology and orchestration specifications for deploying and managing applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Kaavo IMOD users can capture the lifecycle management information for their applications or workloads in a single System Definition file.  Kaavo IMOD has a sophisticated deployment and orchestration engine which uses the information in the System Definition to automate the deployment and management of applications or workloads across supported clouds.  Several companies in the industry have realized the importance of top down application centric management for managing cloud resources and are trying to follow the approach pioneered by Kaavo.

“Deploying, managing, and porting applications across various clouds efficiently is something that everyone in the industry needs.  We are pleased to receive the U.S. patent, as it validates our leadership and innovation. This patent will help us protect our IP from copycats.” said Jamal Mazhar, CEO of Kaavo. The application for the patent, titled "CLOUD COMPUTING LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT FOR N-TIER APPLICATIONS," was filed in October 2008; the U.S. patent number 8271974 was issued to Kaavo on Sept 18, 2012.  There are 45 claims in the patent.

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About Kaavo
Kaavo provides cloud management software to automate the deployment and management of any application, workload, or IT environment across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The core product, Kaavo IMOD, is the first solution to deliver a top-down, application-centric approach to cloud resource management. Kaavo IMOD delivers single-click deployment of simple and complex applications, and autopilot capabilities to automatically manage run-time service levels. Kaavo provides a SaaS version of Kaavo IMOD as well as an on-premise version for select private clouds.

Kaavo is integrated with and supports all major public and private cloud APIs, including IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, HP Cloud Services, Rackspace, Amazon, Verizon Terremark, and Logicworks in the public cloud space and Eucalyptus, OpenStack, Citrix CloudStack, VMware vCloud Director in the private cloud space.

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