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Journal Content

WHAT:  Cloud Testing Made Easy with CapCal and Kaavo (30 minutes)
WHERE: Webinar
WHEN: December 9, 2010 at 11:30am US Eastern Time
WHO: Randy Hayes, Founder of CapCal
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CapCal is a web performance testing solution that itself is an application running on multiple clouds and therefore needs everything that Kaavo brings to the table.  Finally the application under test and the application doing the testing can be viewed and managed via the same interface and the build, test and deploy cycle is hugely accelerated. 

In this webinar we will show Kaavo doing double duty – deploying and managing both a 3 tier web farm and a CapCal agent farm.

Speaker Bio: 
Randy Hayes is Founder of CapCal.  Randy began writing test routines in assembler for the Altair 8080 and created the first test tool for the PC called AutoTester in 1985.  CapCal was designed for the Internet in 2000 and ported to the cloud in 2009.  Besides web performance testing, the CapCal test suite includes virtual test lab automation (Cloud Lab) and cross browser compatibility testing (Browser Lab).  Randy is an accomplished writer and speaker with a number of publications in his name.  He can be reached at randy [at] or



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