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Innovative provider of cloud computing management to support use of the IBM Cloud

Stamford, CT, March 16, 2010 – Kaavo, Inc., an innovative provider of solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds, today announced it has released the edition of IMOD (Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand) for the IBM Cloud  to provide application centric infrastructure management. In beta version since October 2009, the IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud has officially launched today, and customers will be able to leverage IMOD.

The IBM Cloud gives users immediate access to infrastructure resources such as servers and storage to develop and test application code. Kaavo’s core product, IMOD (Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand), configures the infrastructure resources and deploys and runs the workload within minutes. With Kaavo’s IMOD edition for IBM Cloud, users will have instant, secure access to infrastructure resources, as well as seamless configuration, deployment and execution of their workload. Benefits also include:

  • One Click Deployment: With a single click, IMOD automatically brings online one or multi-server systems, configures middleware, deploys applications and workload and initiates all dependent services in a specified order. This allows users to setup and tear down test and development environments within minutes. 
  • Scheduling and Automation: IMOD executes complex workloads at a designated time without manual intervention.
  • Best Practice Deployment Templates: IMOD simplifies the creation and sharing of complex configurations and n-tier deployments using a single system definition file. This provides a consistent environment for development and testing.

We are pleased to have Kaavo release the IMOD edition for the IBM Cloud.  Kaavo is a leader in application centric management for cloud computing and through IMOD, customers can now easily and rapidly develop, test and manage workloads in the IBM Cloud” said Walter Falk, Business Development Executive from IBM Enterprise Initiative, IBMs new division focused on Cloud Computing.

Kaavo’s IMOD is the first solution with a top down application-focused approach to IT infrastructure management in public and private clouds. Companies traditionally manage their servers and infrastructure resources from a bottom-up infrastructure-centric view which is complex and costly and impedes business growth. Kaavo’s patent-pending technology provides the ability to easily, securely and efficiently run applications in the cloud, and as a result, users maximize the full potential of cloud computing.

Kaavo and IBM have a shared vision to allow enterprise customers to run applications and workloads on the cloud in an easy and secure way. With Kaavo support of the IBM Cloud enterprises will be able to deliver on this vision,” said Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO of Kaavo.

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Kaavo Inc., provide solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds. Kaavo’s core product, Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand (IMOD), makes it easier for individuals and businesses to leverage on-demand infrastructure and run secure and scalable web services and applications in the cloud. For more information, please visit

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