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April 21-22, 2010 – Kaavo to present and conduct live demonstration at Cloud Lab ’10

WHAT:  Kaavo to participate in the second annual virtual cloud computing conference
WHERE: Global virtual conference
WHEN:  April 21, 2010 at 6:00 PM EDT and April 22, 2010 at 11:00 AM EDT
WHO:  Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO of Kaavo, and Joydeep Biswas, Senior Developer of Kaavo

Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO of Kaavo, will speak at Cloud Lab ’10 on April 21st. Cloud Lab ’10 is the second annual global virtual conference hosted by Cloud Slam Event. The conference will extend over five days and cover all aspects of cloud computing. Jamal’s presentation, “Mitigating Risks and Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Computing,” will focus on opportunities and challenges of the cloud. The presentation will trace the evolution of IT from dedicated physical servers to the cloud and discuss the transparency, security, and management challenges we need to meet to fully take advantage of the cloud.

Joydeep Biswas, Senior Developer of Kaavo, will also participate in Cloud Lab ’10 through a live demonstration of IMOD (Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand) at 11:00 AM EDT. Prior to the presentation, attendees are encouraged to sign up for the free trial version of IMOD at  to follow the steps using their own account. This session will give participants a better understanding of how to deploy and manage applications in the cloud through IMOD. They will learn how to use features such as multi-cloud deployment, auto-scaling, scheduling, and more.

Additional speakers represent companies such as Huawei Technology, NASA Ames Research Center,, Sun Microsystems, Cordys, Citrix, and Bank of America.  For more information on the conference, please visit:

About Kaavo
Kaavo Inc., provide solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds. Kaavo’s core product, Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand (IMOD), makes it easier for individuals and businesses to leverage on-demand infrastructure and run secure and scalable web services and applications in the cloud. For more information, please visit

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