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Journal Content

WHAT:  Automatic Data Processing at Scheduled Intervals in the Cloud using Hadoop and Kaavo IMOD
DURATION: 15 minutes
WHERE: Webinar
WHEN: March 2, 2011 at 11:00am US Eastern Standard Time
WHO: Developers and System Administrators

SUMMARY:  In this 15 minute webinar, Sukanta Saha from Kaavo will demonstrate the use of Kaavo IMOD to automatically setup a Hadoop cluster in the cloud to process data at scheduled time intervals.  After the data is processed, IMOD engine will tear-down the Hadoop setup and return the resources to the cloud.

Using live demo, Sukanta will show how easy it is to have Kaavo IMOD to perform the following tasks for processing large data without human intervention:
1)  Setup and fully configure a multi-node Hadoop clusters in the cloud (any cloud supported by Kaavo)
2)  Detect unprocessed/new data at the given location and process it
3)  Record results, tear-down the Hadoop setup, and return resources to the cloud
4)  Repeat Step 1 thru 3 at scheduled intervals specified using IMOD scheduler

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