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Kaavo Founder and CEO to Speak at the IBM Cloud Computing Workshops in Austin and Waltham

WHAT: IBM Cloud Computing Workshop
WHERE: Austin, Texas  and Waltham, Massachusetts
WHEN: Oct 14th and Oct 20th
DURATION: 3.5 hours (8:30am - 12:00pm)

Recommended event for anyone who is looking to build a cloud infrastructure or develop and deploy cloud-based applications.  Register for free.

About Kaavo
Kaavo provides solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds. Kaavo’s core product, Infrastructure and Middleware On Demand (IMOD), makes it easier for individuals and businesses to leverage on-demand infrastructure and run secure and scalable applications and workloads in the cloud. Only the Cloud Application and Workload Management Platform from Kaavo delivers single click deployment of applications in addition to autopilot capabilities to manage service levels without human intervention.  Kaavo has partnerships and full integration with some of the largest cloud providing companies in the world including Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM.  For more information, please visit

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