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Kaavo IMOD support for HP Cloud Services is Ready Now

Kaavo IMOD integration with HP Cloud Services is ready now.  To start deploying and managing applications and workloads on HP Cloud Services using Kaavo IMOD, sign up for 30-day free trial at .  To learn how to start using Kaavo IMOD for automating the deployment and runtime management of your applications and workloads on HP Cloud Services please checkout the setup instructions.

Demo of Deploying and Managing Applications and Workloads on HP Cloud Services Using Kaavo IMOD

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About Kaavo

Kaavo simplifies use of the clouds, one application at a time. Kaavo provides application-centric cloud management solutions to automate the deployment and management of complex applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Kaavo’s core product, IMOD, simplifies and streamlines the use of on-demand infrastructure to run secure and scalable applications. For more information, please visit .

About HP Cloud Services

HP Cloud Services is providing public cloud infrastructure services for organizations of all sizes.  Designed with OpenStack™ technology at the core, HP’s open, transparent architecture ensures no vendor lock-in, improves developer productivity, features easy-to-use tools for faster time to code, provides access to a rich partner ecosystem, and is backed by exceptional customer support.  HP’s initial offering includes on-demand compute instances or virtual machines, scalable online storage capacity and accelerated delivery of cached content to end users.  HP’s full suite of public cloud services will enable the next generation of web services to be built, run and scale on a global basis backed with a broad marketplace of analytics, tools and services.   HP’s cloud supports customers with a differentiated hybrid delivery model, providing interoperability and portability across public, private and managed clouds.  For additional information visit

HP Cloud Services



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