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How do I start and successfully execute my enterprise cloud computing initiative?

Put together a cloud adoption program, and systematically move applications/workloads that make sense to run in the cloud.  As a part of a cloud adoption program your organization need to come up with policies to move the selected applications into the cloud (e.g. use the cloud for development and testing), and for each new application evaluate if it is the right fit for the cloud and also identify the right cloud for the application.  For legacy applications, perform ROI analysis to see which one make sense to move and prioritize based on ROI.  Some key steps in moving applications to the cloud are:

  1. Identify what applications provide the greatest ROI when moving to the cloud (e.g. applications with variable resource requirements)
  2. Identify security and compliance requirements, for example if an application needs HIPAA or PCI compliance you would need to make sure that the data is encrypted in the cloud
  3. Identify all of the dependencies for running the application, e.g. does the cloud application need to interface with back-end internal IT systems (i.e. do we need hybrid deployment)?

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