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Update on Last Week's Launch

Thanks to the hard work of all the team members, our launch last week went really well and was very well received by the enterprise IT folks, and the analysts and journalists covering the enterprise IT space.  Especially, our application centric approach and secure persistence of data in the cloud using AES 256 bit encryption got most of the accolades.  We really appreciate all the feedback and support we are getting.  Some of the articles which were published in response to our release are:

CIO Magazine, InfoWorld, and PC World published this story:  Startup Launches Cloud Application Management Tool

CBR Middleware: Startup secures cloud compute assets

InfoTech TMCNET: Kaavo Intros Application-Centric Management Solution for Cloud Computing Infrastructure

We do want to make one clarification; one of the articles mentioned us as competing with Hyperic.  Hyperic is a monitoring solution and is complimentary to what IMOD does.  In addition to built-in moniotoring, IMOD can be integrated with other monitoring tools; we have tested integration with Hyperic, Zabbix, and Nagios.  If someone is interested in using Hyperic or any other monitoring tool with IMOD, please contact us.  Our standards based open modular architecture allows us to easily integrate with any external monitoring tools.

Few people asked about documentation on how to create custom system definitions forerunning n-tier systems.  We have posted the link to the guide under product and services section.  Also you may click here to download the guide

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