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Is Amazon following Kaavo in Cloud Management?

Today I received an email from Amazon announcing their AWS CloudFormation Service.  Basically to automate the deployment of complex applications or workloads Amazon is allowing users to capture all the deployment information in one template.  They call the template “Stack”.  Taking a top down view of the deployment and capturing all the information for deploying and managing an application or workload in the cloud in one place is at the heart of Kaavo’s Application centric approach.  We released GA version of Kaavo IMOD in early 2009 to enable automatic deployment and runtime management of complex application and workloads in the cloud.  Kaavo IMOD allows users to capture entire information for any complex application or workload deployment and runtime management in one template, we call it System Definition.

Although this is the first release of CloudFormation Service and it is still in very nascent stages of providing a full application centric solution, there are a lot of similarities with Kaavo’s solution, especially if you start replacing the term “System” used by Kaavo with the term ”Stack” used by Amazon e.g. they have stack events (similar to System events in Kaavo’s solution).  They even have deployment timeout similar to how Kaavo IMOD allows you to specify timeouts for deployments.  The biggest difference is Kaavo has implemented a general purpose application centric management solution which works for other clouds as well not just Amazon and allows hybrid cloud deployments.  Using Kaavo IMOD you can deploy applications or workloads across integrated public or private clouds.  Currently Kaavo fully supports public clouds by IBM, Amazon, RackSpace, Terremark, and in the private cloud space we support IBM Cloud, Eucalyptus, and vCloud API.  We are taking it as “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” and this is a great validation of what we are doing at Kaavo.  It is very humbling to see that Amazon which is considered as a leader in the IaaS space is following Kaavo to deliver application centric management of cloud resources.

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