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Release update & CIO magazine article on Cloud Computing

First of all we want to update on the release of IMOD (Infrastructure & Middleware On Demand) application.  Next week we will be going live with the limited beta.

CIO magazine recently published an article about Cloud Computing, overall it is a good article and worth reading.  As cloud computing is a relatively new area, there are several different definitions.  In my opinion cloud computing is about having computing resources available on demand in different units via internet where computing resources can be anywhere in the world.  The virtualization technology enables the efficient on-demand provisioning of resources in a secure manner.  Applications on the cloud or things like Google apps, or Salesforce in my opinion are classic examples of SaaS (Software as a Service) model.  Currently Amazon EC2 is the only provider who is providing cloud computing at a large scale.  This is a business where size does matter and economies of scale do apply, it will be very difficult for smaller providers to match the scale and cost of large providers like Amazon.

In the article there is an interesting quote by Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, regarding keeping the data with the corporate datacenters to keep it safe… “If you met a CFO who insisted on keeping the company treasury in a safe in the basement, you’d think that he or she were nuts,” Benioff said in an e-mail interview. “Why isn’t that money in a secure, internationally accessible system that’s reliable and highly available? I think we aren’t far away from a similar view toward data and applications.

The industry is in very early stage new players and new business models will emerge, security and other issues will be sorted out.  It is safe to say that buzz words aside this is a paradigm shift in how computing is done and it is going to stay.

CIO magazine article:

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