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I Want Cloud Apps, Not Just Cloud Servers!

Infrastructure-centric management tools are dead! The dynamic nature of cloud-based infrastructure resources (virtual servers, virtual storage, virtual networks, etc.) and distributed applications are testing the limits of these types of tools and processes. For the application owner who is responsible for managing applications / workloads / services and their service levels, these old tools simply do not work.

Application-Centric Cloud Management is critical for successfully deploying, monitoring, and managing applications in the clouds.

Download our guide to learn all there is to know about application-centric cloud management, from key capabilities to key benefits and drivers towards this approach and away from infrastructure-centric methods. Learn to make your infrastructure work for you and your customers, not the other way around.

After reading this 14-page eBook, you will learn:

  • How virtualization kills the infrastructure-centric model
  • How cloud computing further complicates the use of these old tools
  • Why you need an application-centric approach, and the IT evolution that got us here
  • Examples of major vendors following the application-centric approach
  • Key capabilities to look for in application-centric cloud management solutions


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